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How to Choose the Right Type of Balloons – Balloons Everyday

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Every event is different, and knowing which type of balloons will fit and perform best at your event is our specialty. Here at Balloons Everyday we have 25 years and thousands of events under our belt and trained professionals that can help you make something that seems daunting and overwhelming to be effortless and seamless. Balloons Everyday carries all types of balloons, from latex balloons that come in all different shapes and sizes to latex-free balloons that come in an array of shapes, styles, and sizes. By choosing Balloons Everyday to help you celebrate your event or special moment, you can be sure that our friendly staff of professionals can help you pick the right balloons for special celebration.

For many years, people have used balloons as a decorative element that will make your party feel festive and fun. Instead of subpar balloons from a big box party store or grocery store chain, enhance your event and experience by ordering a professional balloon creation from Balloons Everyday in Dallas, Texas.

Whatever style of balloons are used to create your one-of-a-kind design, you can be confident that Balloons Everyday in Dallas, Texas, only uses the highest quality balloons available and experience to ensure that it is long-lasting and durable.

We use appropriate balloons for your events, such as regular biodegradable latex balloons, festive mylar balloons, and latex-free bubble balloons. You can be confident that we will use the best practices to create that perfect balloon focal point for your event.

When picking balloons, there are so many things to consider. What style of balloons, such as arches, columns, bouquets? Do I need air-filled balloons or helium-filled balloons? What type of space am I decorating? What is the feeling I am trying to achieve? Sometimes all of these questions and options can be overwhelming to the consumer. Below we will discuss some things to consider and helpful tips for planning your next event and picking the right balloons. 

Party Balloons for All Occasions

What are Party Balloons? Party balloons are typically known as helium-filled balloons on strings. Helium-filled balloons are available in all shapes, sizes, and kinds. Here at Balloons Everyday we use top-quality balloons. Our colorful latex balloons, mylar balloons, and foil balloons are top quality and will look exquisite when creating your custom balloon decor.

The professional team at Balloons Everyday has years of experience when considering the types of balloons to use when considering how to help a client achieve their special moment.

When you come to Balloons Everyday for your next event, we are happy to describe all possibilities of various designs, shapes, and colors to help create a one-of-a-kind moment. If you want customized mylar balloons, we have them. Giant jumbo balloons? No problem. Current movie or trend balloons, absolutely. Do we do imprinted latex balloons? You know it!

We offer a variety of balloon decor designs that are sure to be a hit for all occasions, such as Weddings to anniversary parties, graduations to birthdays, private events and corporate events, or even just because. Have a reason to celebrate; let Balloons Everyday be your stop for all your Balloon needs.


Arch, Arc, Balloon Structure is how we hear clients describe a balloon arch. You cannot go wrong when you place a balloon arch over a doorway or as a focal point across a stage. Arches can either be air-filled or helium-filled. Here at Balloons Everyday we have a wide range of arches to choose from to create the perfect addition to your event.



If you’re planning a themed party and need a balloon sculpture of a specific character, animal, or superhero, you name it; we can help! With our wide variety of sizes and colors of latex balloons, we can build anything you can imagine. If you can think of it, we can create it.


Columns, pillars, or trees are all common names we see when clients are looking for a fun Balloon column to mark the entrance of their event. Our wide variety of columns can help you find the perfect one to decorate your space for your next event.

Backdrops and Walls

Need a backdrop? Or a fun place to take photos? We can create walls of balloons that are a perfect backdrop for all your pictures and selfies galore!


Will your visitors be seated at tables? Why not impress them with custom-made centerpieces? Centerpieces can be great statement pieces for your event, whether as simple as helium bouquets on the tables or one of our customized designer centerpieces that fit perfectly for any theme or occasion.

Balloon Bouquets

Are you looking to send a unique gift to a loved one or looking to decorate a space? Check out all our fun balloon bouquets. From simple Helium Balloon Bouquets to our Spectacular Gift bouquets that are filled with tons of unique helium balloons. Balloons Bouquets are great for any occasion and theme. Let our team at Balloons Everyday help create a fun Bouquet for you today. Our team can design one-of-a-kind balloon bouquets for a loved one that will last a long time and look great in photos. Why go with ordinary latex balloons when Balloons Everyday can create a custom design for you?

Miscellaneous Designs

Don’t see a design you are looking for? Ask us at Balloons Everyday! If you can think it, more than likely Balloons Everyday can create it. Balloons are such a great way to create custom designs for your event. Whether it be a 10ft number looking like a unicorn or a teddy bear made of balloons, let Balloons Everyday help with all your unique balloon ideas.

Highest Quality Latex Balloons, Mylar Balloons, and Foil Balloons

Here at Balloons Everyday we want our customers to be completely satisfied with their orders; our team only uses the best and highest quality balloons available on the market.

You can be confident that your customized creation will be of the highest quality, from latex balloons to foil balloons. Not all balloon materials are created equal, and we understand how important quality is to you. This is why, unless they are guaranteed to meet our extremely high standards and expectations, we will never use low-quality latex, mylar, or foil balloons.

Contact Our Dallas, Texas, Professionals to Discuss Our Balloon Types


Since 1997, Balloons Everyday has been creating exceptional balloon creations for residents and businesses in and around the Dallas, Texas, area. And we put that expertise to work for you and your guests.

If you want some of the most memorable and extraordinary decor for your next party, gathering, or event, rely on the skills of the professionals at Balloons Everyday. Our proven balloon construction techniques and exceptional customer service truly distinguish us from any other balloon company in Texas.

Our balloon team only believes in providing the highest quality products and services to all of our clients. Contact us today to learn more about our balloon design options or to place anorder!